Free Shipping on Orders Over $59
Free Shipping on Orders Over $59

About Urban Emergency Survival Kits

At Urban Emergency Survival Kits we specialize in providing survival kits and emergency supplies to individuals residing in cities and urban centered communities throughout the United States.  Our focus is providing essential survival equipment, emergency preparedness kits, disaster aid supplies and more - to individuals in cities across the U.S.  Our items have been hand selected by our experts to keep you and your family safe through any type of emergency situation. 

Urban Emergency Survival Kits  was founded with one guiding principle - to provide essential, high quality survival products at affordable prices- while giving back to the communities we serve.

That's why for every purchase that you make from Urban Emergency Survival Kits, we will donate up to 3% of the net profit to a charity that supports a healthy planet and empowering socially and/or economically disadvantaged individuals.

We are passionate about making sure that you are fully equipped and prepared for any type of emergency situation.  If we can be of further assistance to help you in this process, please let us know.

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“I live in L.A. and we are known for getting earthquakes.  I have taken some precautions to make sure that my family is safe, including purchasing one of your family kits.  It really has everything I can imagine that we could need in an emergency. Thanks for putting together a quality product!”

Elyessa H.

“I own a gym and it's important to me that I make sure that my employees and clients are safe in case of an emergency.  Your kits are exactly what I’ve been looking for”


Michael R

"I’m very satisfied with my order!  Came super fast. Great customer support!”


Jerrylee J.

Survival Kits

Survival Kits Are Designed for Multiple Scenarios

Natural Disasters

This includes hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes. All of the
equipment is neatly packed and ready to deploy during a threat.

Classroom Lockdown

If you are an administrator or teacher at a school or just a concerned parent, our School Lockdown Survival Kits will make sure that there are proper supplies to ensure the safety of children involved in a lockdown situation

Mobile Emergencies

No one ever knows when an emergency will strike - be it an earthquake, tornado, other natural disaster or emergency situation.  Our survival kits will help you stay prepared for any situation. 


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