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Free Shipping on Orders Over $59

Coronavirus COVID-19/Pandemic Survival Supplies

As we are all aware a pandemic emergency such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic can take place anywhere in the world, at any time.  Global pandemics are statistically on the rise and can make a sudden appearance and rapidly spread from person to person. 

These type of pandemic outbreaks can cause severe risks to individuals with compromised immune systems or to individuals who may be "carriers" who do not show any symptoms for an extended period of time.  

Given this situation, it makes sense to be prepared for a pandemic health emergency, whether it be the Coronavirus, the flu or pneumonia to protect the health of you and your family as well as the greater community.

Important supplies for a pandemic emergency include a gloves, disposable masks, respirator masks, water purification tablets, anti-bacterial towelettes and other personal hygiene products necessary for living through a potential quarantine.

Keep in mind that is also important to have a long term supply of food and water that will potentially be able to keep even if water and power services go out. Our products will help you not only survive but have peace of mind whatever situation may present itself. 

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